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Maplewood History: But Parked in a Rickety Old Garage…

…is a brand new shiny red super stock Dodge.  So go the lyrics to The Little Old Lady From Pasadena who had a pretty little flowerbed of white gardenias.  (now insert my leadoff line). TLOLFP was a hit for Jan and Dean reaching...

Immaculate Conception manager applies for new liquor license

The incoming manager for St. Mary Magdalen, Rebecca Goetz, is applying for a new liquor license for Immaculate Conception Parish Hall. Tuesday night at the city council meeting she said the license is necessary for the facility to continue leasing the space...

Opinion: Maplewood’s Decade of Change

Stories of Black residential displacement in St. Louis County are not hard to come by. Meacham Park. Brentwood Promenade. Downtown Clayton. One of these stories—the one still playing out here in Maplewood—is a little harder to place a label on, but in...

In the news: Man hit and killed crossing S. Hanley Road Wednesday morning

A man was hit and killed while crossing S. Hanley Road in Maplewood early Wednesday morning according to reports. Fox 2 (July 3) — Man killed after being struck by vehicle in Maplewood KSDK (July 3) — Pedestrian fatally struck Wednesday morning in Maplewood KMOV...

Maplewood History: Let’s Bring Back the Great Old Signs of Maplewood!

This is the third time around for this post but I think it's worth another look. https://40southnews.com/maplewood-history-lets-bring-back-the-great-old-signs-of-maplewood/

National country music act comes to Saratoga Lanes

Nationally-known country music singer-songwriter Zach Bryan chose 23 bars throughout the US to break some new music, and among them was Maplewood's Saratoga Lanes. Co-owner Paige Barton told Fox 2 that she was "extremely shocked." She said, “His whole message of ‘The Great...

Ethics Review Committee to meet

The Maplewood City Council, Ethics Review Committee will meet in closed sessions on June 25 and 27, according to the city council agendas posted on the city website. The Ethics Review Committee also met on May 9 and 14. Last year the City...

Burger Champ has closed: in the news

Burger Champ, which opened at 2704 Sutton Boulevard last November, closed on Saturday. KSDK — Maplewood burger joint to close on Friday St. Louis Magazine — Burger Champ in Maplewood to close June 21 St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Maplewood restaurant Burger Champ to close June...

Keith Anthony Campbell obituary

In loving memory, Keith Anthony Campbell, Sept. 5, 1968 - June 15, 2024 Visitation will be June 29, 11am - 1pm at Schrader Funeral Home, 14960 Manchester Road, Ballwin, MO, 63011. Memorial service at 1pm.

Maplewood History: Another One of the Mystery Toys Has Been Found.

Hi Folks, Friday, I received the following email from Mary Katherine at the Maplewood Public Library; Good morning, Doug,      I just received an unusual phone call from Nancy at Moultrie County History Center, near Decatur, Illinois. She said that a family brought in a wooden...

Maplewood officers fire at suspected stolen car, 3 arrested

Maplewood Police said in a press release Monday that while officers were investigating a report of a stolen car on Zephyr Place on foot Sunday night, the car, a Mercedes, drove at the officers at a high rate of speed, and the...

Mosquito spraying can be turned off by your house

The St. Louis County Department of Public Health Vector-Borne Disease Prevention Program sprays for mosquitos for the majority of the 523 square miles that comprise St. Louis County, according to its website. But anyone who wants to can request that the truck not...

Maplewood losing a coffee shop; bar and lounge coming to Majorette

The owner of the Looking Meadow Cafe announced on Facebook that she is closing the cafe due to a divorce agreement that forces her to resume her previous career. She is looking for someone to resume the lease. She only opened in...

Maplewood Summer Concert Series at Ryan Hummert Park

The Summer Concert Series brings neighbors, friends, and everyone in between together for an evening of music and fun. This year the series runs June through September and is FREE to attend. The concerts are held in Ryan Hummert Park and made...

Liquor store application is withdrawn after residents express opinions in meeting

The Maplewood City Council was set to vote on a request to open a liquor store at the former 7 Eleven location at 2423 S. Big Bend, but after seven nearby neighbors spoke strongly against it at the Tuesday council meeting, the...

Boogaloo taking reservations until shutting the doors

On Saturday, Boogaloo (7344 Manchester Road), said on Instagram that they've had overwhelming support since announcing that their doors are shutting for good on June 15, and they'd be taking reservations. Since then the crowds have kept coming, so if you want a...

Maplewood History: Our Early Train Stations

I am probably asked questions about our vanished train stations as much as any other subject.  Well, no wonder.  This summer rerun hasn't seen the light of day for over 7 years! https://40southnews.com/maplewood-history-a-thrilling-new-discovery-leaves-just-one-more-station-to-go/

Opinion: I’m a teacher. Here’s what Barry Greenberg gets wrong about listening.

If you’ve read anything about higher-ed teaching in the last ten years, it’s likely to have revolved around the importance of inclusive classrooms. Instructors can’t just teach a lesson and passively hope for student engagement. If they want everyone involved, they have...

Brewery meeting with planing and zoning postponed to September

The Maplewood Planning and Zoning Commission will not consider a request by Cory King of Side Project Brewing at a June 3 meeting as originally scheduled. That's according to a letter sent to residents of Hazel Avenue, a resident told 40 South. King...

Developer is considering other options for senior housing location; 19 appointed to commissions

Tuesday at the Maplewood City Council meeting 19 residents were appointed to commissions and boards. All the council votes were unanimous. Also, in a city staffing adjustment, the position of city clerk became part of the city manager's job, so City Manager...

Maplewood History: Summertime Nirvana with a Hint of Chlorine

The Maplewood Pool is an extraordinary asset to our life in this small town.  It opens once again this Memorial Day weekend just as it has for the last (approximately) 85 years.  I'm not exactly sure what year it opened. Here is a...

Side Project Brewery to seek rezoning for adjoining lot on Hazel Avenue

Maplewood Planning and Zoning in June will consider rezoning an empty lot on Hazel Avenue from single family residential to community business district. Side Project Brewery bought the empty lot in December last year from Dan Lesseg. On the other sides are a...

Crow’s Nest, Loco Tacoz, Benevolent King, Pizza Champ and other Maplewood restaurants in the news

Maplewood restaurants have been recommended in the news lately. Sauce Magazinen— This week on the Sauce podcast: The Crow's Nest, Olive + Oak, Madrina and more Sauce Magazine — Prioritized Pastries is opening in the former home of Pie Oh My in Maplewood St. Louis...

Airedale Antics rebrands, it’s now The Healthy Pet House

Friday morning the owners of Airedale Antics announced the results of their rebranding. Co-owner Tony Phipps climbed a ladder, held by Maplewood Mayor Barry Greenberg, and cut the lines, unveiling their new name: The Healthy Pet House. Phipps said several years ago that...

New bakery to open June 1, and more in the news

Prioritized Pastries is set to open June 1, at 2719 Sutton Boulevard, according to Feast Magazine and the Riverfront Times. Prioritized Pastries will be open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and take online and specialty orders throughout the rest of the week. McDonnell...

Reader Comments


  1. I uncovered a painted-over ghost sign at 2732 Sutton Blvd. and wanted to restore it, Barry Greenberg told me the city council would not allow it. Look at 2737 second-floor windows falling apart, never painted they were brand new Marvin Windows. Neither the building owner nor the fraudulent condominium property management or other decision-makers on this whole complex to the corner of Hazel ever created a Condominium Association. The complex was built fraudulently. Just look at this Haphazard lacking any obvious principle of organization: Because this was never a Condominium. Maplewood MO City manager Marty Corcoran, the City Council with Barry Greenberg an architect, and Mayor Mark Langston who may still own 2739 Sutton Blvd. This group was behind the cooked-up scheme of a “condominium” 2737 What is Studio X Graphic Design, There is no signage. And look at the Salt Room signage, what a joke. Could you look at Sea Foam Media, it does not match the existing signage. I was given a variance by Maplewood City Council to use that space for the signage I designed. In place of transom windows.
    There is a lack of signage review, and building exterior code requirements. This is Barry Greenberg, Mayor of Maplewood MO/ Architect responsibility. The ball is in your court, can you hit the ball back? The key to success, surround yourself with the right people.

  2. Barry Greenberg Mayor of Maplewood, MO is an architect, does he have an opinion on Drinking Water Service Line Inventory – Missouri Water?
    Restaurants with lead supply lines.
    If a building was constructed before 1989 that does not mean it has a lead service line. Most do not, but it is possible. Should restaurants be lead-free?
    You might have lead in your drinking water if your service line, household plumbing, or fixtures contain lead. Buildings built before 1930 are more likely to have lead supply lines. A service line is an underground pipe that carries potable drinking water from the water main to the customer’s home or building.
    Application Period is Open
    The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is offering a new funding opportunity to assist communities with their lead service line inventory, planning, and replacement projects. This funding helps public water systems comply with the revised federal Lead and Copper Rule requirements. The rule requires all public water systems to complete an inventory of all drinking water service lines connected to their distribution system.

    Funding is provided by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and made available through the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. Funding is expected to be allocated on an annual basis through 2026.

  3. Restaurants close one after another, are they paying too much for rent? Maybe Maplewood has become a glut of restaurants and not enough retail shopping, art galleries, and other shopping interests.

  4. Restaurants closing in Maplewood MO – Summer 2024. When the famed Monarch Restaurant closed on the corner of Manchester and Sutton I was shocked, and my first reaction was “this is the beginning of a downward trend”. I have lost count of the number of openings and closings of restaurants and businesses in the Special Business District. Lately three more restaurants closings this summer Boogaloo, Meadow Cafe, Burger Champ. I remember when former Councilmen Barry Greenberg said to me “Maplewood does not want to be the next Delmar Boulevard” The vibrant Delmar Loop, designated “One of the 10 Great Streets in America” by the American Planning Association. A decade ago, the city’s leaders realized their community needed a new spark, a new call to action. At the time, the city’s face, the commercial strip along Manchester and Sutton, was suffering; at one point there were more than 15 vacant storefronts. And a community development director Rachelle L’Ecuyer appointed. But Rachelle L’Ecuyer, resigned as the Maplewood community development director. Forward to Aug 7, 2018 · In a news release, Loop chairman and “Duke of Delmar” Joe Edwards announced that Rachelle L’Ecuyer will serve as the first-ever executive director of the Delmar Loop.
    What I heard from the Councilmen, it became personal for Mr. Greenberg. A specific goal. Now Barry Greenberg is Mayor for a second time. So Barry is getting his wish.
    How is this working for Maplewood MO?

  5. April 2 2024 Tonight will Maplewood MO May show its fickle mind and change loyalties. Characterized by a lack of consistency or stability in decisions, preferences, or affections. It’s important to note that fickleness isn’t inherently bad or good. It can be both, depending on the context and the outcomes of these frequent changes. Emotional volatility is a part of everyday life. Decisions change as emotions do, leading to inconsistency. Consider someone with an avoidant attachment style. That person may become uncomfortable with too much closeness or commitment, often resulting in decision-making patterns that keep them detached and independent. Values, likes, dislikes, and goals, usually exhibit consistent behavior and are less likely to be fickle. Ships without a rudder, drift with the currents and winds of circumstances, changing direction frequently. Leading to perceptions of fickleness.

  6. Why was this post removed?
    Why I am running for Mayor of Maplewood as a write-in candidate from 40 South News-Is this a form of What is censorship in politics?

    What Is Censorship? Censorship, the suppression of words, images, or ideas that are “offensive,” happens whenever some people succeed in imposing their personal political or moral values on others. Censorship can be carried out by the government as well as private pressure groups. Censorship by the government is unconstitutional.

    • She is a serial felon with multiple convictions for identity theft and fraud. Grifter extraordinaire. There was a story in the PD a few months ago about her.

  7. Used to be a window painting contest for Halloween in Maplewood. I think it was sponsored by The Observer. (I delivered them as a kid).
    I won a prize one year.
    Back in the ’50s.

    • Yes, I remember the Halloween window painting contest. I was chosen to paint one, it was late 60’s or very early 70’s. I didn’t win a prize, but was honored to be chosen to paint one of the windows.

  8. Lived on 7200 block of Manchester above Cook’s Paint during the 60’s. Would love to see some pictures of that store back then. Walked to the newspaper and tobacco store every afternoon to pick up a newspaper.


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