Disc golf shop coming to Maplewood


A new shop dedicated to disc golf is set to open at 7223 Manchester Road in Maplewood this month.

Owner, Roger Martin, and Schrader Ludwig were preparing the space Wednesday afternoon, as a large MELLOW decal was being applied to the front windows.

Martin said they’re planning to have a disc golf drive analyzer, a turf putting area and visits from pro players. He said they hope to be open before December.

Roger Martin and Schrader Ludwig were busy prepping the space for a new disc golf shop in Maplewood.
A MELLOW decal goes up at 7223 Manchester Road.
Mellow Disc Golf plans to be open before December.


  1. The plumber has submitted the plans to STL County for approval, fingers crossed that the work will be completed by early December, the Thom can get the balance of the space built out!

    John Nash
    Nash Properties

  2. Doug, I was curious, so I emailed George Mahe, who wrote about Han Lao coming to part of that space in 12/21. He reached out to the owner, Thom Chantarasy, and got back to me.
    “ Thom writes, “We are still trying to get a plumber to come finish work from a previous plumber that ran off. Hopefully we found one that will come finish it the end of this month.”
    Thom stopped short of guessing at an opening date. “Two years of guessing was enough,” he says. “

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