Maplewood History: Stan Masters Exhibition in Kirkwood!


The name Stan Masters should ring some bells with followers of this space.  Mr. Masters was a world class watercolorist from Maplewood.  His life story and many of his fine paintings have been featured on this site many times in the past.

Like so many other artists, Stan’s work did not receive the attention that he deserved while he was alive.  But it is now.  Folks who appreciate this kind of talent (and who doesn’t?) have a rare chance to see some of his work in person so to speak.  You’re the person.  Stan won’t be there but his wife, Carlene, will be attending the opening.

The exhibition of Stan’s paintings will be at the Kirkwood Performing Arts Center, 210 E. Monroe. The opening reception is Wednesday November 15th from 4-7. Everyone is welcome. The exhibit runs until February 9th, 2024.

Many of Stan’s original paintings are still available.  For less money, there are also reproductions.  The man handling the business end of this is Robert Morrissey. I know this guy.  He’s a good fellow and you can get in touch with him here.

Robert Morrissey,  Antiques and Fine Art

704 Hanley Industrial Ct., St. Louis, MO 63144

314.644.7066 -shop           314.560.5006 cell

You can read more about Stan from some of my earlier blog posts here.

This link has many more images of Stan’s fine work.

My wife and I will be at the opening.  If you can’t make the opening, you should definitely try and see this exhibition before it closes.

Now here is the kicker.  Stan was not only a world class painter, he actually won an award for a film he made at the Cannes Film Festival in France!  I’m not kidding.

Doug Houser     November 10, 2023

There are a lot more, folks.  Don’t miss this exhibition.



  1. Doug, we do use that door, now for the handicapped the most. But inside the church, you will see the difference. The greeting lobby and the public entrance to the chapel part of the church with pastors office are on the Sutton side as well as the most used passage to the classrooms across that lobby. Uses may have changed when the education wing was added, but folks don’t generally enter a sanctuary at the front of the chancel or where all the programming is located. Both entrances allow access to both floors but the Flora side is definitely a narrow back door facing the congregation upstairs inside. The address is more likely a product of plot enumeration on the plat when Maplewood was subdivided…as the house across the street faces Flora too. Come visit us sometime. Your knowledge of city history is priceless! Plus, we are very friendly folks!
    P.S. for the film they only used that side for the exterior shots with a space for the fictional church sign. The house across the street, still sided with asbestos siding, gave the ambience of the very much older, middle class neighborhood that they were looking for. As I understand it, that house and the church were the only sites compensated in Maplewood with the fake snow spread in mainly that area. Interiors were the church sanctuary and the basement reception “fellowship hall” area. The rest of the movie wedding, as you probably know, was the Cheshire Inn on Clayton road. Our STL airport and several downtown office buildings made up most of the rest. Exteriors were filmed of several cities but I don’t believe that George Clooney hardly needed to leave STL at all. Fun!

  2. Hi! I let our pastor know about this. Our Methodist church is one of the paintings. However, even though Flora is the address, this is not the front of the church as far as the congregation is concerned. It is, however, the side of the church used by the folks filming the George Clooney “Up in the Air “ as the church for the wedding in the movie.

    • Hey Pickett, Don’t you think that, even though the congregation uses the entrance on the Sutton Ave. side today, this was originally the front entrance? I do. If you need more convincing I have an early photograph that might help. As always, I appreciate your comments. Good to hear from you.


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