Maplewood History: Now You Can Own A Reproduction Of A Stan Masters Watercolor!


Dear Readers,

Most of you are probably unaware of the value of an original watercolor by Stan Masters.  For about the past 16 years Stan’s paintings have been ably marketed by the local fine art and antiques dealer Robert Morrissey.  With Robert’s help and marketing skills, Stan’s widow and my friend and former neighbor, Carlene, has done far better than she could on her own. Today, one of Stan’s fine paintings is likely to cost you several thousand dollars and higher.  Stan would be very pleased.  Why is it that we never appreciate these guys until they’re gone?

How would you like to own a quality reproduced version of one of Stan’s paintings?  How would you like to have your choice of any of 100 of the paintings he produced?  If that’s not enough, how would you like to have your favorite/s of Stan’s paintings available on a very wide assortment of media?  So wide you won’t believe it until you take a look.

After my last post about Stan Masters and the fabulous watercolors he created, I received an email from Robert Morrissey.  He has made high resolution digital images of 100 of Stan’s finest paintings to be reproduced on a wide variety of traditional and non traditional media and objects.

You won’t believe this until you see it right here.

I should add that I highly approve of this.  If it’s good enough for Van Gogh and the rest of them it ought to be good enough for Stan.  It is a wonderful plug for the history of our burg.  It is a very good and inexpensive way to incorporate some of the best art work of one of our native sons into our daily lives.  I will definitely purchase several items from this collection.  I can’t say just exactly which ones but I do like the shower curtain concept.  (Robert has one).

Last of all, I’d like to say that I am not being paid in any way, shape or form for this endorsement.  Now to the catalog!

Doug Houser     January 10, 2023

Stan in action.
Carlene Masters


  1. These are beautiful and moving. So glad he continued painting despite not being properly recognized during his life. What a gift!

    • I agree, Margarita. They are beautiful and moving. Stan, like many artists, must have been frustrated to get no recognition. We can be proud that he lived and worked in Maplewood. Another amazing detail about Stan’s life is that he was a Cannes film festival winner! Mindblowing!

  2. I just spent a delightful few minutes going through Stan Masters’ works. Thank you for making us aware of these local treasures.

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