Maplewood History: Stan Masters – A World Class Watercolorist…From Maplewood


Over the twelve or thirteen years since I began this adventure, this site has gained many new readers as one might expect.  While most of what I have posted can still be found, it is not easy.  For one thing you have to know what to search for.  There exists a plethora of interesting articles that a lot of the newer readers have never seen.

This is a look back.  It has been nearly nine years since I first made the following two posts about Maplewood’s own Stan Masters. They deserve another look.

Stan Masters  First Post

Stan Masters Second Post

Since these posts were made, Robert Morrissey has moved.  You can find him now located at 704 Hanley Industrial Court, Brentwood, MO 63144. 314-644-7066

Doug Houser      January 7, 2022


  1. From reader Gary by email. My wife Sharon’s dad, John Holacher, grew up on a farm in Fairfield, Illinois. His father was a rural mail carrier, who in good weather used the Model T and in bad weather, horse and buggy for mail delivery. Sharon’s great grandfather ran a mobile saw mill.
    All the years her father was alive I was regaled with stories and tales about the Fairfield years, oft repeated. A few years back Jerry Apps had a PBS show in which he told his tales of growing up on a farm, also during those hard times of the Great Depression. I was amazed at how closely the details aligned with those told by John. (One entity brought to light was that all of their efforts and labors were directed towards being prepared for the coming winter). These parallels provided the revelation that there are many common cords that run through all of our lives and bind us together. Well your focus on Maplewood’s past events, places and people really sheds light on other towns in the nation that passed through the same times and events, with folks of similar ilk and backgrounds, thus forming a broad understanding and view of our history in total. There is great worth in this and provides even greater reason to thank you for all of your efforts. Thank you, Gary.


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