Maplewood city council race update: now 5 candidates


Of the seven petitions taken out to run for the vacant Maplewood Ward 3 council seat, five have been returned with the required 50 signatures (updated May 17), which means the ward’s voters will have five candidates on the ballot, so far.

The seat was vacated when former council member Barry Greenberg was elected mayor.

These Ward 3 residents picked up petitions to run for the vacant seat as of May 17.

Of those above, these have returned their petitions to city hall with signatures, so will be on the ballot in the August 8 special election. Their names will appear on the ballot in the order the petitions were returned. The deadline for candidates to return petitions is May 23.

  1. Patrick Richards (Walter Avenue) 
  2. Jennifer Schmidt (Elm Avenue)
  3. Steve Terelmes (Hazel Avenue)
  4. Clayton Gissler (Elm Avenue)
  5. Kristen Spencer (Oxford Boulevard)

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  1. I live in Ward 3 and after having met with Jenny and speaking with her again at the city council meeting, I am thrilled to have her in the running. As Lindsey said before, she is just very sincere and really excited to do the work. I think she brings a beneficial, well-rounded perspective to the table through her social work and law practice experiences. She is exactly the kind of voice I would love to have represent me on the council because I know that she will be taking ALL of our neighbors into account when making decisions to better our city. I look forward to helping her with her campaign.

  2. I do not live in the district, but Kristen Spencer, aka, “Mrs. Maplewood”, loves her city and wants what’s best for Maplewood. Kristen Spencer knows what it means to listen to people’s concerns and fight for them, as she has in her role as an advocate for the elderly through her current position in Social Work. Kristen Spencer would be an excellent City Council member.

  3. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if a candidate for office in Maplewood just said, “All I can really promise you is, I will do my best”.

  4. Really excited about Jenny’s run — we need a long-time Maplewood resident who understands the challenges facing our city. She’s got kids in the district, she’s a lawyer, and she cares. Looking forward to having her on the council!

  5. I had the opportunity to meet Jenny Schmidt and speak with her after the council meeting. I was very impressed by her passion and eagerness to dive in and do the work. I was most impressed by her sincerity. She was there because she cared, not just because she is a candidate, but because she is a concerned citizen who is passionate about our community and our schools and wants to make it a better place for everyone.
    I am not a Ward 3 resident so I also will not be able to vote but if I were able to, my support would go to her.

  6. Not a ward 3 resident so I don’t get a say; but if I were a voter, I would be curious to know if any of these candidates showed up to the city council meeting this past Tuesday. A sign up sheet went around and people could voluntarily list their name. You would think someone wanting to be on the council would actively partake in the meetings and hear what is discussed.

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