Maplewood police find handgun hidden with cupcakes


Maplewood patrol officers seized a handgun from a convicted felon during a disturbance call on Tuesday, the department reported on Facebook and Twitter.

The handgun was found inside a cupcake box.


  1. I refer to bums as “bums,” not the ennobling ” homeless person.”
    I refer to illegal aliens as “illegal aliens” or “larval Democrats.”
    A felon is a “felon.” It is the term used in law.
    I refer to bleating screaming Lefties as SJWs.
    And so on…
    I do appreciate the SJW Phrase Guide though, as I love a good laugh.
    By now it should be apparent that I don’t care what the Lefties/SJWs think.

  2. Doug, I would love for you to think critically about the language you use when speaking about people with felony convictions. Labels like “felon” reduce an individual to violations they’ve been convicted of rather than their humanity, and we’re all more than our worst act.

    I’ve found this handy tool to be helpful:

    Thanks for the consideration, and for your continued coverage of Maplewood news!

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