Maplewood History: Wait a Minute. I Recognize That Ghost!

On a warm weekend in the middle of last September and in the middle of Sutton Avenue, the theater department of St. Louis University presented their Maplewood/Shakespeare adaptation play, “Remember Me”.  The very large audience (I heard 1700 on just Saturday night) was charmed by an all Maplewood cast and the many ghosts of Maplewood portrayed by giant puppets and conjured by the playwright, Nancy Bell.  A couple of my favorite ethereal personalities, the Maplewood Spectre (she of the variable height of whom I have written several times) and the ghost of Charles Rannells, the builder of our most historic piece of property, Woodside, were among the spirits roaming the stage those nights. Nancy also borrowed details from a tragic story concerning a very old St. Louis family, the Clamorgans. Some of them including a young woman named Clara once lived just beyond our border in the City of St.


Plaintiff in suit against Maplewood speaks out

Arch City Defenders, a non-profit legal group, filed a suit against the city of Maplewood in November alleging the city enforces a racially biased bail system that “exploits poor people to generate revenue.” Now one of the plaintiffs has spoken out, according to KMOV.


MRH Boy Scouts sell trees

Maplewood Richmond Heights Boy Scout Troop 362 has opened its Christmas tree lot at the VFW Post 3500, at 1717 Big Bend, Richmond Heights.


Maplewood History: Pop’s Grocery

It is these old photographs and old buildings that have gotten me into this history business. I’ve been called by others the Maplewood historian and have introduced myself that way. Truth is I’m a history broker. If you have pictured me spending long hours in dusty basements of public buildings or hour after hour in our fine libraries, well I’m afraid I don’t do enough of that.


SMM students serve at St. Patrick Center

Part of the mission of Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic School is to provide a foundation in Christ through serving others. [On Nov. 22] we demonstrated SERVICE to others and the whole school participated: we decorated bags, wrote notes, made sandwiches, and bagged cookies and chips for Saint Patrick Center. 


Maplewood resident becomes Twitter hit

Maplewood resident James Jewell at one time was underemployed working 30 hours a week part time at a law firm and thought it would be cool to have a popular twitter account. It worked out fine.