Maplewood History: More from Mary Piles of Citizens’ Bank

If you are a regular follower of this space you should definitely recognize Mary Piles’ name by now.  I should not have to tell you she is the in-house curator of the historic images and documents at our town’s Citizens’ National Bank of Maplewood and St. Louis (6 locations).  Recently Mary shared with us the fascinating images within Gerry Vazis’ Red Album of Photographs, (Parts I and Part 2) stored these many years in the bank vault.

Honeysuckle Tableau – Last Week at Stone Spiral Gallery

Maplewood summer walkers have been hailed by an installation in the Stone Spiral Gallery, 2506 Sutton Boulevard. “Wood you? Can you? Stick with me?” salutes passers-by in a tableau of tables fashioned from Bush Honeysuckle, one of our region’s most invasive plant species, and a cadre of wooden folks, barely noticeable to life-sized, with their honeysuckle stick dog.

Maplewood History: Citizens Bank of Maplewood

Just when you think you know everything, one like this comes along.  Quite a while ago I did a series of posts about the Bank of Maplewood.  Matter of fact here are the links if you’d like to take a look at them again.