Maplewood History:  The Colonial Pleasure Club

Who the heck has ever even heard of the Colonial Pleasure Club much less knows exactly where it was located?  Lillian Weber Herold once did.  So does her direct descendant who has been kind enough to share this latest discovery with us.  So will you after you read this post. I know I have said this before.  This is another extremely rare photograph.  It has a lot of information on it.  The exact location of where the image was captured is known.  The year is known. It also provides answers to questions we had earlier during the first round of Lillian Weber Herold collection images.  Take a look at the last images in this earlier post. The Lillian Weber Herold Collection – Part One


And a dog even made it into the picture!  Historic images don’t get much better than this one. Thanks again to the descendant of Lillian Weber Herold for sharing this wonderful bit of her family history with us.

Maplewood History: Go to the Chamber Auction and Buy This Photograph!

This Friday, October the 8th, the Mid County C of C is having their annual auction, a 1920’s Soiree.  You can get all of the details here.  For about the last decade or so, the kind folks at Frame of Mind Picture Framing Shop and I have partnered to produce a highly collectible image for the chamber to sell.  This year we’ve done it again!

Maplewood History: The Last Will and Testament of Ann Aston Warder

Readers may recall from previous posts that Ann Aston Warder was the mother of Maplewood’s own, Mary Warder Rannells.  Descendant Rachel Potter kindly copied to me Ann’s handwritten will.  Tonya Lane Ferguson kindly offered to transcribe it.  This was no small undertaking.

Former Manhasset Village Store demolished; 102 townhomes planned

Brentwood resident Barry Williams has reported to 40 South News what he calls “another loss to report.” It’s the former Manhasset Village Store at 8915 Eager Road in Richmond Heights.

The city of Richmond Heights has approved building 102 townhomes at the site, at 8845 and 8915 Eager Road, by developer, Grand Communities, LLC.

Maplewood History: Pre-Restoration Images of Woodside

In June of 2004, Maplewoodian Greg Rannells, a direct descendant of Charles and Mary, was allowed inside the old family home.  He took the images featured in this post and was kind enough to let me copy them.  Before receiving these from Greg neither I nor anyone else involved with the effort to save Woodside had seen the inside of it.