This is planned to replace this in Brentwood

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom 1,562 square foot home at 9103 Brentwood is set to be replaced with a 3,155 square foot home with five bedrooms and four bathrooms. Construction is set to begin in spring according to the developer. It’s on the corner of Pine and High School.

Last week’s most read posts

The most read post last week was the sad news of an MRH student’s passing. The first — and so far only — person to file to run for mayor of Brentwood filed last week. Tuesday, Jan. 17 is the last day for candidates to file to run for office in Brentwood in the April election.

Woman files to run for Brentwood mayor

Dec. 17 was the first day for candidates to file to run for office in Brentwood. Until today no one had filed for mayor — Wednesday morning Louise R. Charboneau, of 8830 Madge Avenue, became the first. Her name is on the updated sheet taped to the city clerk’s office.

A library cooked the books — not at Maplewood

Librarians at a Florida library created a fictional reader who checked out books to help them stay on the shelves — books not checked out for a long period at the library can be removed, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Maplewood Head Librarian Terry Donnelly, when asked about the scheme, said the Maplewood library has never falsified circulation records, and would never have a reason to cook the books.