Maplewood History: From the Fennell Trove – Sam Bland’s Journal

Included amongst the large assortment of interesting artifacts that make up the Fennell Trove is a journal that is the feature of this post.  At first I just gave it a cursory flip through. I assumed it was a workman’s record of his jobs, bids and expenses, etc. Not that those aren’t interesting, they are.  But if that were all it was, it might play to a very limited audience. I would be in that audience, don’t get me wrong. But as part of this job I have to decide just how much time should I spend deciphering and translating an artifact such as this.

Cooking school planned for former Brentwood Lanes

The Brentwood planning and zoning commission at its meeting on Wednesday is set to consider a conditional use permit for a cooking school  at 9001 Manchester Road. That’s according to the commission’s published meeting agenda.

Maplewood History: Links to Sutton / Thomas Posts

For convenience I have decided to include all of this family of blog posts in one place.  Below are links to the 28 blog posts that I made regarding the stunning collection of material that was made available to me by the descendants of James C. Sutton and Ann Wells Sutton and also William Lyman Thomas and Kate Sutton Thomas.  I can’t thank these folks enough. Their names appear in each of the posts created from their material.

Maplewood History: Fennell Trove Contains Some Extraordinary Images – Addenda

Addenda is a word that I don’t often use.  At least, I don’t remember the last time I used it.  I knew the word I wanted for the title of this post was either addenda or addendum but I admit I didn’t know which was correct.  I now know that addenda is the plural of addendum. It is not the feminine form of addendo as some of you might suspect. I’m talking to you, Antonia and Antonio.