Maplewood History: Lustron Homes

Lustron homes were designed as an answer to the housing shortage in America following WWII.  They were and still are a porcelainized enamel-coated, all metal, factory-made home.  They were meant to require no maintenance.  I really think they didn’t with the possible exception of the occasional wash (and wax?).  I never heard of anyone waxing one but you know how your car looks even if  it just sits in the driveway for a while.

Maplewood police officers to be walking the neighborhoods

If you live in Maplewood, on Wednesday mornings don’t be surprised to see a police officer walking down your street. Maplewood Acting Chief of Police Matt Neighbor told block leaders in an email it’s for the officers’ “health and wellness,” and to give residents a chance to get to say hi.

Maplewood Public Library Pursuing Fundraising Opportunities

Maplewood Public Library is pursuing new avenues of income to supplement the tax dollars that currently support the Library. Much of the Library’s budget goes toward personnel costs, building upkeep, and lending materials such as books, DVDs, and eBooks. In order to offer more programming for adults, children, and teens and to make much-needed updates to the Library’s building, the Library will be hosting a cornhole fundraiser and is looking for volunteers to start a Friends of the Library group.

Electric vehicle charger ready to be used

Maplewood Community Development Director Laura Miller reports that the electric vehicle charger, at two spaces at the west end of the Marietta lot, are now operational. The spaces will be lined with green paint later this week.