Maplewood History: The Fathmans of 7310 Vine

According to the researcher, Judy Kusnierkiewicz, John Fathman purchased the lot at 7310 Vine in 1905.  He was a manager of the Phoenix Planing Mill (I’ve no idea where that was).  The home stayed in the family until 1977.  Linda Fathman Schulze and Irene Fathman Blood were the last members of the family to live there. One thing you can bet on is that none of them ever dreamed that you would be looking at these personal photos and documents of theirs especially in this manner.  We have one of the current residents of 7310 Vine to thank for this.  That would be the architect and well-known, man-about-town, Patrick Jugo.  


MRH celebrates two national awards

Monday morning Maplewood Richmond Heights High School students, teachers and administrators met at the theater to recognize two high-profile awards: one for the school and one for one of its science teachers.

Carl Brinenberg does a handstand in downtown Maplewood.

Handstands for Maplewood

New Maplewood resident, Carl Bringenberg, demonstrates his gymnastics skills on Manchester Road on Sunday afternoon.