McCausland is paved, no lines yet

McCausland Avenue south of Manchester is paved on Aug. 16, though on Aug. 18 at least part of that fresh asphalt — south of Southwest —  has no lines.

In the press the past week

From the local press about Maplewood, Brentwood and Richmond Heights — new school year, Rachelle L’Ecuyer, residential and commercial real estate in Richmond Heights, Maplewood council news.

Brentwood Police swears in new major

The Brentwood Police Department has sworn in a new police officer as a major of the department. She has 13 years experience on the St. Louis city police force.

Maplewood History: A Bill of Sale… For Human Beings

Both of the two largest farms of Maplewood’s pioneer families, the Rannells and the Suttons, held slaves. Both were carrying on business in the same manner as many other hundreds or thousands of people doing exactly the same thing. That this shameful institution existed on most of the property that would one day become Maplewood indicates how widespread it once was.