Last week’s most popular

A post on the joint fire command structure, now that the Rock Hill and Clayton fire departments have removed themselves from the plan, was the most read last week. The Maplewood-made mosaics that helped unify a block was second.

February Open Houses

Are you in the market for a new Brentwood, Maplewood, or Richmond Heights home? If so then you’re in luck because new listings have recently come on the market and several are holding open houses this weekend. Go check them out!

Maplewood man is successful game designer, crowd source fundraiser

John Coveyou, 33, a Wash U graduate, former engineer and U.S. Army Veteran, with a family including two small children, quit his day job to design board games about four years ago. It’s turned out pretty well. He and his wife are now owners of Genius Games, LLC with a house in Maplewood.

Maplewood Police: yield on Greenwood

Maplewood Police reported on social media Wednesday that the department has received complaints about traffic at the Sutton Boulevard / Greenwood Boulevard intersection.

News from the Brentwood Chamber

The Brentwood Chamber of Commerce sent two press releases: Metro Lighting’s 50th anniversary celebration; and announcements of the 2017 Business of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Most Improved Property, and more.

Maplewood History: A Message From Bill Jones

I discovered this week that our favorite internet magazine, “40 South News”, courtesy of both Doug Miner, our editor and Doug Houser, our Maplewood historian, is faithfully read by our BJC Extended Care team of outstanding physical therapy instructors.  Their spokesman was Tim Fulte. They all read our little news letter and these classy medical professionals enjoy our “news”.

Mosaic house stones help bring a block together

Two retired Maplewood residents, Amby Stevenson and Bob Weidenbenner, have made mosaic address stones for every house on their block. It’s a hobby that Stevenson says has an additional purpose. Residents of the block — the 7600 block of Jerome Avenue — know and look out for each other.