Maplewood History: Pre-Restoration Images of Woodside

In June of 2004, Maplewoodian Greg Rannells, a direct descendant of Charles and Mary, was allowed inside the old family home.  He took the images featured in this post and was kind enough to let me copy them.  Before receiving these from Greg neither I nor anyone else involved with the effort to save Woodside had seen the inside of it.

Maplewood History: The Legacy of Big Boy #4014

When smoke spewing Big Boy #4014 blasted through Maplewood on August 30 thrilling hundreds of steam engine buffs, railroad fans and curious onlookers; it was a reenactment of an evolution of an event that probably first occurred 167 years ago.  I don’t know yet exactly when the first steam engine passed through James Sutton’s farm as the Pacific Railroad pushed west.  It may have been 1854.

Big Boy chugs through Maplewood

Monday morning Maplewood residents gathered by the tracks in the Greenwood neighborhood to see the steam locomotive the Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 heading west. Maplewood resident Charles Hardy took these photos.

Update on MoDOT Manchester Road work

Andrew Gates, communications specialist for the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis district, has relayed information on planned work for Manchester Road between S. Big Bend and Lindbergh boulevards. The work includes lane closures near Lindbergh in the near future, and a full closure next summer to replace the Black Creek bridge, which is just west of South Hanley.