Maplewood History: A Small House in a Shady, Clean Air Suburb

Whoever built the small home that was once located at 2533 Big Bend may have been looking for an affordable escape from the stinking, cacophonic mess that the big city a few miles east had become.  I have no information as to when the little house was built.  But I have always thought that little houses are as important to a well-rounded community as big ones.  Some folks just don’t need a big house.  Small house, small mortgage also makes a lot of sense.

Maplewood History: Woodside Meets Wash U

For those of you who came in late, Woodside, ca. 1848, is Maplewood’s oldest home as far as we know.  For 17 years, from 1999 until 2016, myself and many others worked to preserve and protect Woodside.  I hoped that Woodside could become the home of the Maplewood Historical Society and a community museum to boot.  17 years…  If you ever want to hear a one-sided rant about why that didn’t happen, just ask me the next time we run into each other on the street.

Maplewood History: The Intersection of Manchester and Big Bend in 1955

I have been asked by Editor Miner to answer a question from someone at the NextSTL website regarding what businesses or entities occupied the four corners of the intersection of Manchester and Big Bend in 1955.  I can share this with my readers and kill two birds with one stone.  I believe I have covered all of this before in past posts but bear with me.  You may have forgotten some of it.  I put some numbers on an aerial image that may help.

From MO Dept. of Transportation, update on Manchester Road work

Missouri Department of Transportation Communications Specialist Andrew Gates reported last week on the ongoing work along Manchester Road between Big Bend and Lindbergh boulevards. Drivers can expect lane closures and shifts along Mary Avenue, Dorothy and Van Mark Way once work starts until about mid-December, he said.

Maplewood History: The Colonial Pleasure Club

Who the heck has ever even heard of the Colonial Pleasure Club much less knows exactly where it was located?  Lillian Weber Herold once did.  So does her direct descendant who has been kind enough to share this latest discovery with us.  So will you after you read this post.

Maplewood History: Go to the Chamber Auction and Buy This Photograph!

This Friday, October the 8th, the Mid County C of C is having their annual auction, a 1920’s Soiree.  You can get all of the details here.  For about the last decade or so, the kind folks at Frame of Mind Picture Framing Shop and I have partnered to produce a highly collectible image for the chamber to sell.  This year we’ve done it again!