Maplewood History: From Jim Fischer’s Box…the Bennett Home

Dusty boxes of junk are, now and then, one part of this job of mine that others might not care for but I don’t seem to mind.  I have trouble remembering how many interesting discoveries I have made in the piles some of these boxes have contained. Most memorable to me are probably the Rannells family papers some dating as far back as the 1830’s that were stored underneath a bed in an old carpenter’s tool chest when I first saw them.  This was at the very nice home of a direct descendant of Charles and Mary Rannells who lived in Richardson, Texas.  The descendant lived in Richardson, Charles and Mary lived in Maplewood in Woodside as followers of this space should know.

Piano coming to Sutton Loop Park

Maplewood resident Laura Miller had a vision – interactive public art. Inspired by other cities like Denver and Boston, which have pianos in public spaces, Laura contacted Sheila Suderwalla, Executive Director of the Maplewood nonprofit Artists First, according to a press release from the group.

Fastest internet service coming to Brentwood too

AT&T announced on Thursday that Brentwood will be added to the list of St. Louis area cities with access to its fiber network internet, with speeds of one gigabit per second. Shrewsbury and Belleville are also being added. 

MSD to restart work on Bellevue

The Metropolitan Sewer District has restarted its work on Bellevue Avenue, according to  a letter from the MSD a resident of the street received from the contractor this week. The work was delayed due to ‘utility conflicts’ on Manchester Avenue, the letter says.