Top 10 in past 7 days

The most-read post in 40 South News in the past seven days is about the home owner who managed to keep his house when Menards moved in: he’s doing fine. That’s followed by some Brentwood politics, then Maplewood business news.

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Izod Lacoste shoes stolen: police

A 26-year-old St. Louis man has confessed to stealing a pair of Izod Lacoste athletic shoes at Nordstrom Rack in Brentwood according to a police report.

Louise Charboneau speaks to the board, approving of the bill on employee compensation.

Brentwood officials pass compensation bill

Brentwood officials Monday night passed a bill to base city employees’ pay on the market — top pay would be set at 75 percent of 14 area comparator cities. Another bill removed employment longevity as a basis for raises. The bills will be in effect for 2016.

Alderman to seek 7th term

One alderman from each of Brentwood’s four wards will be elected in the April 5, 2016 municipal election. Ward 3 Alderman Andy Leahy is running for re-election, and sent the following to 40 South News for publication: