Maplewood History: Famous Maplewoodians – John Stillwell Stark

In 1878 Mr. William Lyman Thomas became a member of the Missouri Press Association.  In 1880, he was elected treasurer and held that position for twenty four consecutive years. At the end of his service he was made a life member.  The only other life member, since the death of Samuel L. Clemens (Mark Twain, d. 1910), was J. West Goodwin of the Sedalia Bazoo newspaper, whose slogan was, “Whoso tooteth not his own Bazoo, the same it shall not be tooted”.

Blues players celebrate at OB Clark’s

Some Blues players, including Patrick Maroon, Ivan Barbashev, and Vladimir Tarasenko, went to OB Clark’s in Brentwood with the Stanley Cup on Friday, and ended up on social media.

Trees removed, moved at BHS

A 40 South reader asked recently why a tree had been removed from the front lawn of Brentwood High School. Actually two trees have been removed from there in the past couple years.

William Lyman Thomas – Found Amongst his Personal Effects – Part Two

Just in case you missed Part One here’s a link. Found Amongst his Personal Effects

You might notice that there is no “Part One” in the title.  That’s because I’m never sure how many parts there will wind up being.  As I write these words, I have no idea how many images I’ll be able to turn up to attach below.  Those of you that follow this space know that this is the twenty somethingth post I have done from this mother lode of Sutton/Thomas memorabilia that we have been lucky enough to witness firsthand.

Former Brentwood mayor trying to sue the city: source

A source has told 40 South News that former Brentwood mayor, Christopher Thornton,  is trying to sue the city of Brentwood for information on the city’s GPS systems, used to track city vehicles. Thornton lost access to the data when he left his position with the city. He contends it is public record.

Maplewood History: Famous Maplewoodians – Willard McGregor

Any lineup of famous Maplewoodians would have to include Willard McGregor.  I have to include him even though I posted every single piece of information that I have about him last year on March the 19th.  Even so he truly is worth taking another look at. Like Ray and Tom Kennedy, he became known in his spheres of interest, painting and music, in a far wider community than our small one here.  All three hobnobbed with other artists who were also widely known. Is that part of the definition of being famous?