Maplewood History: The Fats and Leans & WOW

Formed in Maplewood in 1905, the Fats and Leans were a charitable organization that raised money with a very popular softball game held once a year.  their goal was to feed their hungry neighbors and they were very successful.  The first game netted $3000, a considerable sum today, even more remarkable in 1905.

On this Thanksgiving like most of the ones in the past the biggest problem I’ll face will be how to get a teetering pile of food from the kitchen to the dining room table. Food, family and friends make this one of my favorite times of the year. While we’re enjoying a food and shopping frenzy I’d like to suggest that we take a little time and money to help some of those in our own community who are much less fortunate than us. Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Dos and Don’ts from the APA

thanksgiving pie pt

The smells of Thanksgiving will be in many houses this Thursday, and people aren’t the only ones to find those savory scents irresistible. Pets are also looking to partake in the festive holiday feast, but many foods may not be the best idea to feed Fido. Follow these tips for keeping the holiday healthy and happy for everyone, including furry friends. Continue Reading →