Vandal breaks Mauhaus Cat Cafe window media reports

A vandal broke a window in the front of Mauhaus Cat Cafe on Wednesday. No cats were harmed in the breaking of the window, Mauhaus reported. Also, donations came in to more than cover the costs from the damage, they said on Facebook.

Maplewood Sustainability Report

The Maplewood Sustainability Commission handles all sorts of topics, from architectural guidelines to native plants to inclusion and diversity. I presented this summary report to the City Council on February 23, 2021, but in the interest of openness, I wanted to share our accomplishments and goals with the 40 South News readership.

Maplewood History: Shady Greenwood – Part Three

Let’s recap where we left off in Part Two.  As you may recall things began to head south on our man, Alfred W. Syrett, around the beginning of 1905 or possibly even a little earlier. In early February, an article reported that the sheriff had seized his home.  It seems attachment proceedings against him had been instituted by one of his partners in the Maple Green Company that had laid out the subdivision of Greenwood.

Maplewood chief of police announces retirement

The city of Maplewood announced on Feb. 5 that Maplewood Police Chief Stephen M. Kruse announced his retirement, to be effective April 1, 2021. Chief Kruse has been in law enforcement for over forty-five years, serving as police chief for the city of Maplewood the last 12 years.

Maplewood History: Shady Greenwood – Part Two

My last post, Shady Greenwood – Part One, ended with an article from the 1904 Suburban Journal extolling the rapid transformation of the Greenwood subdivision from an overgrown “tangled bit of  underbrush with a few scattered houses here and there…” to a thoroughly modern well-populated suburb with all of the appointments one would expect in the very short space of three years.  One man in particular stood out and was described as the “prime mover” of this miraculous conversion of jungle to city.  His name was Alfred W. Syrett.

Maplewood History: Shady Greenwood – Part One

Greenwood, the southernmost subdivision of Maplewood, is wonderfully situated.  Bounded by two railroads and Deer Creek, it is a self-contained neighborhood of tall leafy trees along quiet streets.  It’s a good place to take a walk as the architecture is diverse and interesting.  Given that it is 100% developed and surrounded by the barriers mentioned there are unlikely to be any unwelcome incursions of the retail sort that others have had to tolerate given their proximity to some of the major thoroughfares.