POP! BOOM! BANG-SPARKLE-FLASH! 4th of July and Our Pets

Dorene Olson

While us humans enjoy cookouts, friend and family get-togethers, and ultimately, when darkness falls, glorious fireworks, the celebration is not always shared with the same enthusiasm by our dogs and cats.  Our parrots are a mixed bag; many of them are excited by the noise and colour and drama, our back yard chickens are mostly on their perches and immune to the drama around them. Continue Reading →

Maplewood History: An Impertinent Rascal

A large part of the reward of operating a blog such as this one is the contact with a diverse, mostly well-informed, polite and curious group of folks such as yourselves. But one of the hazards of an open forum is that, now and then, one is forced to deal with an impertinent rascal such as the one who recently sent me the following link: Continue Reading →

Maplewood History: The McGregor Bakery AKA The Powhatan Theater

Courtesy of the Maplewood Public Library.

The lovely building at 3107 Sutton has in its long life served many functions. I have in my dim memory that it was first built to house the McGregor Bakery and then a short time later was converted for use as a movie house showing silent pictures called the Powhatan Theater. My evidence that the first use was as a bakery seems to have dissipated from my electronic cache. Most likely it slipped into another file not too far off but you’ll just have to take my word for it until it shows up again (whatever it was). Continue Reading →