Maplewood History: What Became of Bartold’s Painting of Erastus Wells?

William Lyman Thomas’ The History of St. Louis County contains an unknown but large number of very interesting details about this area we live in.  By accident I discovered another one while looking for something else. Interesting that this article should pop up right after the last post about the painting of the Bartold Inn that Larry Giles has been kind enough to give us.

Two women share memories of 4-flat destroyed by fire

When a four-flat apartment building in Maplewood was destroyed by fire on Sunday it was well-documented by neighbors in photos and comments on social media. Two former residents of the building reminisced on Facebook about living there in the 1940s and ’50s: carrying coal up from the basement to heat water for baths, the ice man and his horse-drawn wagon, seeing movies at the the Powhatten show on Saturday, and more.