Man charged with stealing car at Maplewood Commons

Maplewood Police posted on Facebook and Twitter on Friday that Jason Smith, 32,  was charged with stealing a motor vehicle, following an incident that took place on Feb. 2 in the 1800 block of Maplewood Commons Drive.

Rainbow over Maplewood, leads to frozen custard

A well-photographed rainbow followed Thursday’s storm. Maplewood resident Robert Chandler got a full-rainbow photo over Maplewood. Another shot — from Twitter — shows Andy’s Frozen Custard, in Richmond Heights, at the bottom of the arc.

Here’s a good sign

Thai Table recently installed their sign outside its yet-to-open location at 7403 Manchester Road. They say on Instagram that ‘Maplewood’ will go under that.

Maplewood History: Early Photographs from the Wiss Family

If this Maplewood History blog were a wagon it would have been stuck in a rut for about the last month.  The touch screen on my Lenovo All-in-One computer began to act up about the beginning of April. Thus started a chain of events that I won’t even try to repeat here.  Mostly I just want to forget them.