Thai Table to put up the walls

The Maplewood building inspector said last week that he had inspected Thai Table restaurant’s buildout and that they were ready to begin hanging drywall – good progress! Thai Table also posted the news on Instagram.

Maplewood History: Scrapbooking – One Hundred and Forty-One Years Ago

My neighbor’s wife is a scrapbooker, I’ve heard.  I’m not sure exactly what these scrapbookers are doing or what their scrapbooks look like.  I’ve seen only a couple in the past. My grandmother started one when my father was born. My sister has that one.  A man once gave me one his grandmother, Marjorie Slavik Irwin, had made in high school for our historical collection at the library. I took a look at it and it seemed like something I would imagine a teenage girl would make.  A record in napkins, menus and matchbook covers of dances danced and dates dated.