Maplewood History: On Being A History Broker

I have no memories of ever wanting to be a historian.*  Just happened. I have been interested in old houses for as long as I can remember.  Mostly I never gave a thought to who built them or the families that lived there. I toured a lot of historic buildings and listened to the guides’ prepared remarks.  But I was mainly interested in the structure and its contents. It was the effort to save Woodside and then the creation of the first Maplewood history book in 2008 that changed my focus. It was shortly after that when I began to post material on the internet that this job really opened up for me.

Maplewood History: Sebastiano Ricci and Maplewood

Woodside was once home to a Venetian Masterpiece

Unbelievable?  Yep, but true. Beginning in 1999, Yours truly and many other folks were expending a lot of time and effort to make sure Woodside, Maplewood’s oldest home at Folk and Bredell, remained standing despite the efforts of a bunch of other folks that didn’t want to see that happen.

Saint Louis Closet Co. Donated Over $3,000 to St. Louis Arc, Providing Services People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

According to a press release: Through their giveback program, Closets for a Cause, Saint Louis Closet Co. donated $3,129.44 to  St. Louis Arc. Their donation will go directly toward the nonprofit’s Employment Services program to help people with disabilities prepare to enter the workforce. This program offers in-person classes and training for job skill development, mock interviews, life skills, interpersonal communication, one-on-one job coaching, and pre-employment training.

Pizza Champ/Side Project Brewing to open in Maplewood

Pizza Champ—from Elmwood restaurant in Maplewood (2704 Sutton Boulevard)—is set to open in early 2022 at at 2657 Lyle Avenue. It will will split the new building with Shared by Side Project Brewing. That’s according to several St. Louis-area sources.

Maplewood History: William Lyman Thomas Collection Is Donated To SHSMO

The important William Lyman Thomas collection of images and documents has been generously donated to The State Historical Society of Missouri by a direct descendant of Thomas and his wife, Kate, daughter of James Compton Sutton.  If you are a little foggy about what is included in this historic bonanza, here is a link to all 28 blog posts that I made using this material.

Resident wants to save historic Lustron houses in Brentwood

Brentwood resident Barry Williams recently sent a letter to Brentwood Mayor David Dimmitt, encouraging a Lustron historic district along Litzsinger Road to protect the eight Lustron houses between Annalee Avenue and High School Drive. He said that with property values rising, the historic enameled steel houses are endangered.

Maplewood History: A Small House in a Shady, Clean Air Suburb

Whoever built the small home that was once located at 2533 Big Bend may have been looking for an affordable escape from the stinking, cacophonic mess that the big city a few miles east had become.  I have no information as to when the little house was built.  But I have always thought that little houses are as important to a well-rounded community as big ones.  Some folks just don’t need a big house.  Small house, small mortgage also makes a lot of sense.