City Manager proposes parking restrictions on Burgess

City Manager Marty Corcoran proposed on Tuesday night that several parking spaces on Burgess Avenue be reserved for residents only, in response to several complaints from residents of Burgess. Corcoran told the council, “There are a couple of residents there [Burgess Ave.] that do not have driveways, and they’ve become fed up with school parents leaving them no place to park.” In response to the complaints, Corcoran initially inspected the school to see if there was, in fact, adequate parking for parents picking up their children and stated both times he visited there were at least thirty spaces left unused while the parents opted to park on Burgess Avenue instead to avoid the line. “The only solution we can think of is to create resident-only parking within certain periods of time,” Corcoran said. Mayor Greenberg suggested an alternate plan in response, proposing only the residents without driveways be given two reserved parking spots each.

Church plans Thanksgiving giveaway

Anointed Hands Christian Church, inside Christ Church at 2200 Bellevue Avenue, is set to help more than a hundred families with food this Thanksgiving, according to Rose Washington, co-pastor of the church.