Brentwood School District to survey patrons

From the Brentwood School District: Phones will be ringing across the Brentwood School District over the next few weeks as a comprehensive survey of patron opinion takes place. Brentwood School District officials said the survey of 400 households will provide insight into what residents think about the district’s strengths, challenges, and priorities.

Bystander’s report: woman drives onto sidewalk at Foundation Grounds

Saturday around noon, a 90-year-old woman (per police report) made a right turn from Marshall Avenue onto eastbound Manchester, missed a parked car, and swerved onto the sidewalk in front of Foundation Grounds, according to a witness who was driving two cars behind the car as reported to 40 South.

Reader asks what post has the most comments: a list

A reader asked what 40 South post has received the highest number of comments. Here’s some of the top commented posts. The recent post — ‘Maplewood officials advance rezoning for house’s use as MRH after-school care’ — has 65 so far.

News from Brentwood School District’s director of communications

Brentwood School District Director of Communications Sam Rayburn sent the following information to be shared on 40 South News. It includes information about a coming tax rate hearing, a tour of the middle and high schools, a new school resource officer and construction updates.

Maplewood History: From Up In The Air – Part 2

Perhaps the title of this post should be, “1970’s Era Redevelopment Plan Blasted A Huge Crater in the Middle of a Lovely, First-Quarter-of the-Twentieth-Century, Shopping District.”  It’s more complicated than that, I know, but I’ve written about this a couple of times and I’ve got a limited amount of space here to get your attention.

Maplewood resident is world champion whistler

Brad Gassner said he’s been annoying people with his whistling his whole life. Now in his first year of competitive whistling he has won the Classical World Champ title at the 2019 Masters of Musical Whistling International Festival and Competition in Pasadena in August.

Maplewood History: From Up In The Air

The dog walks my wife and I took in the spring of 2009 had the potential to be a bit more exciting than usual.  Probably our most favorite route took us past the Sutton Loop park, often down Hazel to Maple. Then turning right on Arbor, we’d head back home along either Flora or Elm.  That spring we favored Flora for the simple reason that there was a chance – a small one – that we’d run into George Clooney.