Taco Bell invites Maplewood neighbors to meeting

Some Hazel Avenue residents received a letter this week inviting them to a meeting to talk about a proposed new Taco Bell with a company representative at the former Maplewood Tim Hortons. A resident in the 7400 block of Hazel sent a copy of the letter to 40 South. Taco Bell’s director of real estate says they’ve heard about the concerns when Tim Hortons came, and wants to talk about the proposed restaurant and hear the neighbors’ concerns. The open-house style meeting is set for Thursday, May 3 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

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Brentwood wins statewide award; city partnered with company apparently owned by mayor

The Missouri Municipal League has awarded Brentwood one of its 2018 Innovation Awards for its use of GPS tracking to improve the delivery of public safety services. It looks like the city partnered with a company owned by the city’s mayor in implementing the technology. From the Missouri Municipal League:
In June 2016, the city implemented low-cost GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) tracking devices in all of its public vehicles. The city partnered with Geocompile, LLC, to develop a data collection and analysis system to analyze the data from the GPS units. Data from the city’s police vehicles was used to manage and improve the delivery of public safety services to the residents.

Neighbors complain about car lot: racing cars, blocked drives

A resident of Blendon Place, on the border of Maplewood and St. Louis city, complained on Facebook about the Vogue used car lot at Blendon and Manchester, which came under new ownership in March. She said part of the street is in Maplewood and part in St. Louis city. “It’s complete chaos,” she said.

Brentwood clarifies law: no to short term rentals

At its meeting on Monday the Brentwood Board of Aldermen made it clear. City code previously had not stated specifically that short term rentals were not allowed in the city. Now it does. The city officials voted unanimously to clarify the wording in an ordinance to keep short term rentals out of the city, prohibiting residents in any zoned area, including condominiums, from operating an Airbnb business or any short term rental out of their home. A short term rental is defined by the city as less than 30 days.

MRH athlete signs, another wins

Maplewood Richmond Heights senior Nate Grady-Liska has signed to play basketball at St. Louis Community College, according to MRH on Twitter on Tuesday. Also, Zac Barton wins the 100-yard dash in a track meet at Brentwood, in a Tweet on Monday. https://twitter.com/mrhhighschool/status/986314475316875265

Also from Twitter:

Bike-share begins, one shows up in Maplewood

Bike-share companies LimeBikes and Ofo (yellow) kicked off in St. Louis — 750 each, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. A 40 South reader reported a Limebike bike parked outside Orbit Pinball Lounge on Sutton, said her (his?) boyfriend rode it in from The Grove. A Twitter user wondered what it would take to have Maplewood be part of the program. https://twitter.com/dbeebestl/status/986439387771736065

Police to be out at Sutton and Flora

Maplewood Police reported on Twitter Wednesday that due to recent resident complaints they’ll be out enforcing the law at the intersection of Sutton Boulevard and Flora Avenue. https://twitter.com/MaplewoodMOPD/status/986571453544960000

Former Pie Five Pizza to be burger place: contractor

The storefront near Menards that was a Pie five Pizza for less than a year is to be a Five Guys Burgers and Fries, according to a construction supervisor on the site Wednesday morning. Pie Five Pizza opened there in July 2016 and closed in April 2017. Google shows about ten Five Guys in the St. Louis area. The nearest one is at the Galleria.

Policing survey results discussed at Maplewood meeting

Maplewood residents met Monday evening for a second public meeting to talk about funds the city is due to receive (about $400,000 annually) following the passage of Proposition P in St. Louis County. The Maplewood Community Builders group organized the meeting, held at at New Destiny Apostolic Church in Maplewood. Following their first meeting, in November, members of the group canvased Maplewood, surveying about 440 residents on their feelings about the Maplewood Police Department. An organizer with the group added this, regarding the survey.

Local musician produces music video in Maplewood

St. Louis songwriter, musician and singer, Gloria Attoun wrote a song promoting unity, kindness and getting along with each other. It’s called ‘Love is Much More Beautiful’ and was performed and videotaped at The Stone Spiral Coffeehouse in Maplewood in front of a group of coffeehouse patrons who sang along. The St. Louis native and sometimes Maplewood resident recorded the song there because The Stone Spiral — and Maplewood in general — promotes and exudes creativity, diversity and unity, she said.