1 candidate files for Ward 1 election, 2 more petitions go out

Maplewood resident Owen Skoler has collected all the signatures he needs (50) to file to run for the vacant Ward 1 on city council, and two more petitions have gone out as well. The seat became vacant because former council member Steven Moseley is leaving the area. In an email to 40 South editor, Skoler said, “I truly appreciate everyone’s time and conversation. I know it’s not easy opening a door to a stranger. On to City Hall Tuesday for filing!”

New Maplewood restaurant, MRH chef in the news

Elmwood, a new restaurant set to open in Maplewood; a Maplewood Richmond Heights chef; and a jewelry theft in Richmond Heights made the news last week in the Post-Dispatch, Feast, Sauce and others. Feast — Niche Alums Chris Kelling, Adam Altnether to Open Elmwood in 2018
KSDK — 4 indicted in connection with Richmond Heights jewelry robbery
Sauce — Restaurant veterans Chris Kelling, Adam Altnether will open Elmwood in Maplewood
St. Louis Business Journal — Four men indicted in jewelry robbery
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Katie’s Pizza & Pasta helping fill Golden Globes gift bags with swag from STL
St. Louis Post-Dispatch — Niche alumni Adam Altnether and Chris Kelling to open Elmwood in Maplewood
Trulia — Richmond Heights rental
WATTAgNet — New Cook & Learn video series teaches students eggcellent skills

MRH chef teaches egg cooking skills in how-to videos

Chef Robert Rusan of Maplewood Richmond Heights is starring in 11 videos recently produced by The American Egg Board (AEB), designed as a free resource for middle and high school classes. The videos include instructions for cooking hard-boiled, fried, poached and scrambled eggs, and progress to instructions for making a ham, cheese and spinach omelet. Advanced videos demonstrate creating an angel food cake, baked custard, hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise, meringue and soufflé, according to WATTAgNet.com. “Chef Robert’s teaching style, background and his deep and abiding commitment to his community’s food security made him the perfect choice for our new video program,” Anne Alonzo, AEB president and CEO told WATTAgNet. “We believe students can gain a sense of pride and accomplishment when they master cooking skills.

Maplewood police post video, photo of theft suspect

Maplewood Police, after successfully using Twitter and Facebook last week to find a hit and run suspect, are using social media again to hopefully find someone suspected of stealing off a porch.They included a video and a closeup. https://twitter.com/MaplewoodMOPD/status/941376481531482112

Dispatchers, firefighters, EMS recognized after woman is saved

Brentwood Fire Chief Terry Kurten, at the Dec. 4 Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting, recognized firefighters, dispatchers, and St. Mary’s Hospital employees whose efforts saved a Brentwood woman in cardiac arrest on September 6. According to Kurten, from the meeting minutes:

Catherine Hamer had collapsed and was unresponsive. Her husband called 911 and dispatchers Melissa Stites and and Amanda Lerch dispatched emergency personnel, obtained information and gave instruction.

Two filed to run for Brentwood board of aldermen

Four Brentwood ward seats will be voted on in April — one for each ward. So far two of the wards have candidates running for the two-year terms on the board. Tuesday morning was the first day to file to run in the April 3 election, and incumbents Andy Leahy (Ward 3) and David Dimmitt (Ward 1) filed.  Filing closes on Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018. The Brentwood mayor seat is not up for election.

Restaurant planned for former piano bar space

The corner space at Manchester and Sutton, most recently Live Juke Joint Piano Bar, will be subdivided with an entrance added at Sutton. A two-man team with impressive credentials plan to open a restaurant there in spring/summer. Chris Kelling, former dining room manager of The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa Valley, and Adam Altnether, former chef for the St. Louis Cardinals and Gerard Craft’s Niche and Pastaria, have announced their new restaurant, Elmwood. Altnether told Sauce Magazine: “It’s going to be a modern American bistro with some global influences.

Brentwood to use Prop P for street lights, protective equipment, furniture

Brentwood plans to use its Prop P funds (earmarked for public safety) for street lights in all four wards, protective equipment for police and firefighters, furniture for the firehouse and more, according to a source that pointed out that the new street light locations were listed in the Oct. 19 public safety committee agenda.The proposed street light locations listed on the agenda are here: 2017.09.18_Proposed Light Updated Costs. Total new street lights per ward:

Ward 1 — 11 lights
Ward 2 — 4 lights
Ward 3 — 3 lights
Ward 4 — 8 lights

Details for where the funds are to be used are in the Dec. 4 meeting minutes:

“Furthermore, the recent approval of the County-wide Proposition P provides a partial-year boost to the General Fund, and this is quite positive. Proposition P funds allow us to pay for: 35 new streetlights in Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4; personal protective equipment that includes shin forearm protection and ballistic helmets for police officers; ballistic helmets for firefighters; training and ammunition for the police department; the CALEA Accreditation Manager; furniture for the fire house multi-purpose room; fire station alerting system; citywide emergency preparedness training; firearms training; ballistic vests, uniforms and equipment for new police officers; health and wellness equipment for the fire department; and the opportunity to secure a permanent location for firearms training firing range.”

Last week’s top-read posts

A business closing, and one coming is the top-read news in 40 South last week. MRH parents blocking an intersection going to school was second. Maplewood business closing — what’s coming is “exciting”
ECC parents blocking intersection: police
4 Brentwood city employees fired in one day, sources say
Maplewood P&Z to consider condo proposal
Brentwood removes houses
Brentwood considered 6 others to be laid off in November
2 options to connect Maplewood to greenway presented
Condos to be ‘commercial’ condos; more from Maplewood P&Z
Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights sales tax rates among 5th highest (2014)
Crowds for the Maplewood Christmas Tree Walk

Brentwood man charged with leaving the scene, after hitting bus: police

Maplewood police have arrested a man in connection with a van that clipped a Metro bus last week. The department posted videos of the van hitting the bus on social media; an anonymous tipster called the department. The tipster told police that the van was possibly located at Home Depot in Brentwood, also supplied license plate information. Officers went to the Brentwood man’s home and inspected the van in question. They determined it was the van involved in the crash.

Last year for Maplewood’s Christmas house

John and Pat Hendel, on Ellis Avenue in Maplewood, have again decorated their two-story home for Christmas. It’s visible from the Manchester – Big Bend intersection. But they say this is the last year. They’re planning on moving in 2018. They also said this is also a big year because their house turns 150 this year.