New York Times, others, report city of Maplewood to pay $3.25 million to settle lawsuit

The New York Times, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and others have reported that the city of Maplewood will pay $3.25 million to settle a federal lawsuit that accuses Maplewood of: “wrongfully jailing at least 7,000 people in a so-called debtors’ prison scheme, in which people arrested over minor infractions were forced to pay exorbitant fines or face more time in jail, court records show,” the New York Times reported.

Steve Rye, Sole Survivor owner, dies at 70

The Mid County Chamber of Commerce has reported that Steve Rye, former owner of Sole Survivor, has passed on. His wife Kay said the cause was a heart attack. She reported his passing on April 5 on the Sole Survivor Facebook page.