Maplewood History: The Bruno Farm

John Baptiste Bruno once had a farm adjacent to and just north of James Sutton’s.  Lucky for us area historian, Esley Hamilton had done his homework on this one.

Maplewood History For Sale

In 2008, I produced a book for the 100th anniversary of the founding of our town called The First 100 Years, Maplewood, MO. It was a fundraiser for the Maplewood Community Betterment Foundation.  Still is.  If you would like a copy of that book, you can pick one up at Scheidt Hardware (True Value to those of you recently arrived) at 7320 Manchester.  I don’t know what they get for one nowadays.

Kitchen Conservatory coming to Brentwood

The business offering cooking classes from beginner to gourmet, Kitchen Conservatory, is moving from Clayton to a new location in Brentwood on Manchester Road — the location of the now demolished Brentwood Lanes and the smaller contiguous lot to the west.

Maplewood History: 7309 Maple Avenue

Let’s try this again.  The first post has evaporated somehow.  I’m thankful that it was just this one.  Most of my posts I have copied and pasted into PDFs but I am way behind.  Hopefully having to redo this one will inspire me to keep up with the task.